19 June, 2024
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Driving urban mobility in the USA, Latin America and Europe

When you travel by subway in New York, Panama, Chile, Stockholm, Seville, Granada, Barcelona, Madrid… remember OHLA has participated in their construction.

Join us on a tour of some of our most emblematic urban mobility projects.

In New York

We are a major contractor for the Big Apple Subway.

7th Avenue station rehabilitation.
Flushing elevated station on the 7 line.

In Chile 

We have promoted the development and improvement of several subway lines in Santiago.

Line 3 Santiago de Chile Metro.
Line 7 Santiago de Chile Metro.

In Panamá

We have initiated our collaboration for the improvement and expansion of the Panama subway.

Expansion of 2.2 kilometers of metro line 1 linking Panama and Villa Zaita.

In Sweden

We are the largest contractor for the Stockholm Metro and continue to expand our project portfolio.

Work on the Stockholm Metro Blue Line.

In Spain

We have undertaken major projects in the Madrid and Barcelona subways, and we are currently working on the improvement of the Seville and Granada subways.

Can Zam Depot Line 9 Barcelona Metro.
Line 2 Madrid Metro.

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