Curicó Hospital obtains the Sustainable Building Certification (CES)

The new Curicó Hospital, built by OHLA, has obtained the Sustainable Building Certification (CES) with an outstanding score of 74.5. The highly complex hospital building has received the award thanks to its high degree of energy autonomy and its sustainability and environmental respect criteria. During construction works, OHLA considered energy efficiency parameters such as thermal envelope, ventilated façade, lighting, water savings, landscaping or acoustic insulation. Certification of the materials used and their traceability was also ensured throughout the project.

The building, which consists of 109,152 m2 distributed over nine floors, two of which are below ground level, is the largest and most modern healthcare project in the Maule Region and is protected by seismic isolators that protect it in case of earthquakes. It has, among other features, 12 operating theatres, five integral delivery rooms, 400 beds and 79 rooms for consultations and outpatient procedures for the benefit of a population of 288,000 people. Likewise, it is equipped with 10 sets of lifts, parking for 800 vehicles and a heliport for emergency transfers within the National Health network.

About 40 projects with sustainable certification

The certification of the Hospital de Curicó is one more step towards OHLA’s commitment to sustainable construction processes. Thus, in the field of singular buildings, it applies sustainability criteria that respond to the LEED®, BREEAM®, Passivhaus, CES and WELL methodologies. To date, the company has executed nearly 40 projects with a sustainable certificate, of which 97% are in the United States and Spain. 47% of the initiatives are under the LEED® Gold scheme.

Curicó Hospital. Chile