Ingesan, a subsidiary of OHLA, awarded by Forética for its digital transformation initiative applied to services to people

Ingesan, the head subsidiary of the OHLA Group’s Services activity, has been awarded by Forética, a leading business organization in terms of sustainability in Spain, within the framework of the JOBS 2030 – Future of Work project for its “Managing Transformation” initiative.

Framed within the digital transformation process that Ingesan is carrying out, “Managing the Transformation” includes the creation of an ideas incubator in which, through internal innovation groups, and using agile methodologies, progress is made with triple objective of changing the work culture, developing an agile and collaborative mentality, and learning about new technologies and methodologies that help the company to advance in this field by applying them in its activity.

For its development, the Ingesan teams were organized following a startup work scheme in an accelerator and focused mainly on 3 areas: aid to dependents (through the knowledge, experience and needs of the users of this service and their families), improvement of the sales process (for customers, as well as to share information and improve tenders) and, finally, knowledge of the employee and their work, and detection and improvement of internal talent.

Towards a more sustainable and inclusive work

At the business meeting of ‘JOBS 2030 – Future of Work’, Forética has recognized OHLA and other 36 companies and organizations that promote the 40 initiatives selected within the framework of the project, which are included in the document ‘JOBS 2030 – Future of Work. Roadmap towards a people-centered future of work.’

During the event, business initiatives like Ingesan’s that contribute to a sustainable Future of Work through three axes — people-centered technological transformation; promotion and development of talent, skills and knowledge; and diversity and inclusion in the workplace — were recognized.

Aligned with the ‘European Pact for Skills’ launched by the European Commission, the project aims to mobilize business action to advance the development of fair and inclusive employment in the face of the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and the main challenges in digital transformation.

Nuria Fuentes, Director of Systems and Digital Transformation at Ingesan, collects the award given by Forética.