Junta de Andalucía recognizes the work of Ingesan in the Hospital de La Merced de Osuna during the pandemic

Ingesan, OHLA Group’s leading services company, has been recognized for the management carried out at the Hospital de La Merced de Osuna (Seville) during 2020 and in the framework of the covid-19 pandemic. This distinction, awarded by the Osuna Health Management Area, dependent on the Andalusian Regional Government’s Health and Family Department, has been awarded to Jesús Montero Díaz, Head of Ingesan’s South Delegation Services Management, in a ceremony held in the same hospital center where the OHLA subsidiary provides cleaning services. The event was chaired by Celso Ortiz, Managing Director of the Osuna Hospital, accompanied by Casto Ortiz, Economic Director and SSGG; José Pérez, Medical Director, and Dolores Gómez, Director of Nursing.

Ingesan’s commitment to the fight against covid-19 has been demonstrated since the beginning of the health crisis. About 10,000 employees of the company provided service during the state of alarm, in the areas of cleaning, maintenance, urban services and Home Care Service throughout the Spanish geography, including the Hospital de La Merced de Osuna.

Ingesan carries out its activity in the sectors of cleaning, maintenance and energy efficiency of buildings, attention to people and urban services, in accordance with criteria of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. In the cleaning sector, it has outstanding contracts at the Ceuta Hospital, the Burgos University Hospital, the Fremap Hospital in Seville, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of Malaga. It also carries out cleaning work in the Defense South offices of Andalusia, Extremadura, Murcia, Ceuta and Melilla; in the Judicial headquarters of Extremadura, Seville and Ceuta, and in various Secondary Education Institutes in the provinces of Seville and Córdoba, in the Manresa Town Hall and in the Barcelona Transports bus network. This activity extends to the Chilean market, where the company has cleaning contracts in the CRS Hospital Provincia Cordillera and in the parking lot of the Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport, both located in Santiago de Chile.

Jesús Montero Díaz, Ingesan South Delegation Service Management Head, in the center of the image.