OHL adds new contracts in the field of civil engineering in Spain. These are two projects in the airport and road fields, which will be developed in Bilbao and San Sebastián (the Basque Country), and a third initiative to be carried out in Seville.

In Bilbao, at the request of AENA, the company will participate through a joint venture in the construction of a Technical Block at the city’s airport. The new building, designed to free 20 % of the capacity of the current passenger terminal, will have an area of 7,700 m2 distributed in two staggered blocks, with five floors each, designed to house mainly administrative activities and other auxiliary services. The contract also includes the development of the accesses and parking areas connected to the building, with capacity for 200 vehicles.

In San Sebastián and through its City Council, OHL has achieved the Iztueta Underpass Project. The contract, developed under a joint venture, contemplates the removal of a 250 meter section of the Iztueta viaduct structure, at the stretch of the street with the same name, on the right bank of the Urumea River and which connects the center of Donostia with the Egia neighborhood while bridging the ADIF railway platform on the Madrid – Hendaye line. In its place, an underpass will be built under the existing road that will improve the road scheme and pedestrian accessibility. Once the viaduct has been demolished, the screens and walls will be built to house the final road. The construction of the bridge will be carried out in an area close to its final location and then the shaping of the bridge to its final location will be carried out. Once the bridge has been finished and the road is in service, the excavation and execution of the track for the underpass and the urbanization of the track and the roundabout will be carried out.

In Seville, OHL will participate through a joint venture in the construction of the north access to the city of Seville, section Pago de Enmedio, in the municipality of La Rinconada, phase 2, awarded by the Department of Infrastructure Development and Territorial Planning of the Regional Government of Andalusia. The project includes, among other actions, the construction of two viaducts on the south side, with 590 meters long and divided into fifteen spans from 29 to 44 meters. In addition to these, two other symmetrical viaducts will be built on the north side, with a length of 178 meters and five spans from 29 to 40 meters. The standard section, with a width of 12.40 meters, will be made up of two 3.50-meter-wide traffic lanes, a 2.5-meter-wide outer shoulder and a 1.0-meter-wide inner shoulder.

This initiative is in addition to OHL’s participation in the construction of two sections with a total length between them of 8.1 km, of the Seville Outer Ring Road (SE-40) Alcalá De Guadaíra – Dos Hermanas Section, at the request of the Ministry of Public Works and put into service in December 2019. Each of the sections has a standard section with a width of 14 meters and three lanes for traffic, a 2.5-meter outer shoulder and a 1-meter inner shoulder, separated by a 10-meter divider for a speed of 100 km/h.