OHL Servicios obtained the Family-Responsible Company (FRC) certification in the first half of 2020, granted by Fundación Másfamilia. This is the seal of quality that recognizes companies with a management system in place that allows the balance between work and personal life, a system based on respect, commitment and flexibility.

FRC Family-Responsible Company (FRC) is an international movement which, as part of the CSR in relation to People Management and Excellence Management, is concerned with advancing and adopting measures in terms of responsibility and respect for the balance between personal life, family and work. Moreover, it promotes support for equal opportunities and the inclusion of the most disadvantaged, based on current and binding legislation and collective bargaining, so that FRCs implement voluntary self-regulations in this area. Policy on working hours and digital switch-off. OHL has a working hours and digital switch-off policy in place as part of its actions in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. Its aim is to maintain productivity levels, while promoting the work-life balance, taking into account new realities in the diversity of different work environments, mobility outside the workplace, as well as the right to switch off from work, all in strict compliance with local labor legislation where the company operates.