OHL has recently won two contracts in the United States for a total of 51 million euros (57.6 million dollars). 

Judlau Contracting will work on the improvement of four stations in the Boston subway -specifically Downtown Crossing, State, Haymarket and North Station on the Orange Line valued at 26.3 million euros (30 million dollars). The project will bring the wayfinding in each station to compliance with all required standards and guidelines, and will improve accessibility overall, which will allow customers to reach their destinations more quickly and safely.

In Texas, OHL USA is constructing an interchange on US 287 over Walnut Grove road in Midlothian, Texas, for 24.7 million euros (27.6 million dollars). The primary objective of the project is to streamline and improve traffic flow, while reducing serious accidents that have plagued this intersection.  The project will also stimulate the growth of business along US 287.