OHLA  joins Madrid World Capital of Constrution, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC)

July 20th 2021.-

OHLA, a global infrastructures group with a more than 110-year track record, has joined the Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC) platform.

MWCC is a project launched by the City Council of Madrid, to which currently more than 120 public and private entities have adhered; it seeks to make the city the world capital of construction.

For OHLA, its participation in this project is strategic, given that Madrid is one of the world’s most important examples of engineering, construction and architecture, to include urban mobility project development. In this regard, OHLA has built and developed, amongst others, the Centro Canalejas Madrid project, one of Spain’s references in urban refurbishment.

MWCC’s main objectives include Madrid and Spain’s international positioning as a world reference in engineering, construction and architecture; the formative leadership enjoyed by Universities and Business Schools, both Madrid-based and nationwide; or the positioning of Spain and its capital as an innovation, sustainability and responsibility hub.

OHLA responds to these objectives through its firm commitment to an innovating culture, under a sustainable business model. This results in resilient and avant-garde infrastructures that contribute to the social and economic progress of the local community where it is present.

OHLA has built and promoted Centro Canalejas Madrid. Spain.