Nuria Fuentes, Director of Digital Transformation and Systems at Ingesan (OHLA Group), gives an inspirational talk to more than 50 female students.

OHLA launches first initiative with Inspiring Girls Foundation

Nuria Fuentes, director of Digital Transformation and Systems of Ingesan (OHLA Group), has given a motivational talk to more than 50 teenagers of 4th of ESO and 1st of Bachiller of the Institute of Secondary Education Josefina Aldecoa of Alcorcón (Madrid). This is the first volunteer action to be carried out within the collaboration agreement between OHLA and the Inspiring Girls Foundation, and is part of the “One hour per year for the women of the future” initiative, in which role model women visit school-age girls to inspire them and boost their professional ambition and self-esteem.

Durante la ponencia, Nuria Fuentes ofreció un testimonio basado en su experiencia personal y laboral. Así, explicó cómo se enfrentó y fue capaz de superar en su adolescencia algunas barreras de crecimiento en un sector altamente competitivo y cómo consiguió progresar y desarrollar su carrera profesional. Al final de la charla, respondió a las preguntas que las alumnas le formularon.

During the presentation, Nuria Fuentes offered a testimony based on her personal and work experience. She explained how she faced and was able to overcome as a teenager some of the barriers to growth in a highly competitive industry and how she managed to progress and develop her professional career. At the end of the talk, she answered questions posed by the students.

This collaboration with the foundation reinforces OHLA’s commitment to women, reflected in Ingesan’s (OHLA Group) III Equality Plan, which was signed on March 26, 2021. Volunteer activities, in addition to lectures, include inspirational videos, speed networking events and other actions.