OHLA participates in the reconstruction of a railroad station in the Czech Republic worth close to 110 million euros

OHLA expands its presence in the Czech Republic’s railway sector with its participation in a new contract for the reconstruction of the Vsetín railroad station (Eastern Moravia), awarded by the Trans-European Transport Network and for an amount close to 110 million euros. The project, one of the largest infrastructure initiatives announced this year in the Czech Republic, includes the reconstruction of adjacent areas of the Hranice na Moravě – Horní Lideč line, in direction to Slovakia with about 13 kilometers of track.

The reconstruction of the Vsetín railroad station pursues several objectives, including the elimination of speed drops, increasing the safety and reliability of operation, ensuring barrier-free access, reducing the travel and transport timings, as well as guaranteeing proper working conditions by complying interoperability parameters and the requirements of the applicable legislation.

Among other operations, the project involves the construction of a railway superstructure and substructure, a covered station platform, crossings, bridges, tunnels, drainage, retaining walls, electrical conduits, roads, buildings for technological equipment, a transformation center, a five-story parking lot, a hall for traction line repair vehicles, noise walls and traction lines. Moreover, the project will also include the modernization of security and communication systems, together with heavy machinery equipment.

This new contract follows other relevant tenders that the company has carried out this year in the Czech Republic, including the participation at the Správa Železnic request (National Railway Infrastructure Administrator) in the reconstruction of the double line of the Adamov-Blansko section, part of the railway line linking Brno and Prague, in the South Moravia region, for a total of 100.8 million euros. OHLA is also participating, granted by the same organization, in the modernization of the Libina-Uničov railway line, in the Olomouc region, in the east of the country, for 63.5 million euros; and in the road sector, the company is working on the extension of the Great Urban Ringroad of Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, for 89.8 million euros and granted by the State Directorate of Roads and Highways.

Since OHLA started its activity in the Czech Republic in 2003, the group has carried out several projects in the fields of civil engineering and singular and hospital construction, including the optimization of the railway track between the cities of Plzeň and Stříbro and the tunnels of Královo Pole, located in Brno; the rehabilitation of the National Theater in Prague, as well as the construction of the new pavilion for the Emergency Department of the Hospital of České Budejovice.

Modernization of the Tábor – Sudoměřice railway line.