OHLA has begun work on the project to adapt and equip Building I of the Centro de Creación de las Artes in Alcorcón (Madrid) to house the State Coordination Center ATENPRO (Telephone Service for the Attention and Protection of Victims of Gender Violence).

This project, managed by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces, and promoted by the Government Delegation against Gender Violence, has a public investment foreseen in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and is fully financed by European Funds.

Innovative comprehensive referral center

The project includes the completion and the necessary improvements to guarantee its energy efficiency, its digitalization and the security inherent to the protection of the data it will hold.

The scope of the project includes the creation of an innovative comprehensive reference center, a pioneer in Europe and the world, which will have 3,000 square meters for the care and protection of victims and research into gender violence thanks to the use of the latest artificial intelligence and big data technologies, which will allow for improved prevention and intervention protocols, as well as greater knowledge of the factors involved in gender violence.

To achieve these objectives, the project contemplates the transformation of the CREAA building into a smart building by adapting its facilities and systems to allow integrated and automated management and control, in order to increase efficiency, sustainability and safety.

As for its layout, the building will have a State Coordination Center, which will be the national headquarters of tele-assistance for women victims of gender violence: a space of more than 600 square meters where professionals specialized in intervention and psychosocial support for victims will work. It will also be equipped with a training center with areas equipped for virtual training, a university research chair, a technical office and an emergency center.