OHL’s Board of Directors, gathered on June 15 at the end of the company’s Shareholders’ Meeting, accepted the resignation of Mr. Juan Villar-Mir de Fuentes from his position as OHL’s non-executive Chairman and unanimously agreed to appoint Mr. Luis Fernando Martín Amodio Herrera as non-executive Chairman of the company. In addition, the Board of Directors appointed Mr. Juan Villar-Mir de Fuentes as the first OHL’s non-executive Vice President.

During this meeting, the Board of Directors thanked Mr. Juan Villar-Mir de Fuentes for his work as OHL’s Chairman since 2016.

Mr. Luis Fernando Martín Amodio Herrera holds a degree in Civil Engineering from La Salle University in Mexico and is a founding partner and the co-chairman, together with Mr. Julio Mauricio Martín Amodio Herrera, of Caabsa Group, a business consortium founded in 1979. Caabsa Group is made up of 30 companies that operate in the construction, real estate, concessions and service sectors.

Last May, Mr. Julio Mauricio and Mr. Luis Fernando Martín Amodio Herrera indirectly acquired 16% of OHL’s share capital, becoming its main reference shareholders.