The New Curicó Provincial Hospital is 74.18% complete, having already finalized four of the eight stages into which the project was divided.

The new Curicó Hospital, with a budget of 230,000,000 million euros, has 109,152 m2 distributed over nine floors, two of which are below ground level. It is the largest and most modern health facility in the Maule Region and will be protected against earthquakes by seismic isolators. It will have, among other facilities, 12 surgical pavilions, 5 fully equipped delivery rooms, 400 beds and 79 areas for consultations and outpatient procedures from which 288 thousand residents will be able to benefit.

For OHL, with over 39 years of uninterrupted presence in Chile, this hospital will be its seventh health facility providing more than 2,200 beds to the country.