Did you know that we are a benchmark
in the mining sector in Latin America?

With nearly 45 years in the region, OHLA has a portfolio of outstanding contracts in the mining sector in Peru and Chile. Here are some of our projects in these countries:


OHLA has performed contracts for world-class mining companies including Antamina, one of the largest Peruvian producers of copper and zinc concentrates and one of the ten largest mines in the world in terms of production volume. Also noteworthy are the projects carried out for Overseas Bechtel Incorporated (currently Minera Las Bambas), Anglo American Quellaveco and Minera Yanacocha.
Asana River diversion barrier.


This is one of the five largest copper deposits in the world, where OHLA has built the Asana River diversion barrier and the bypass road project.
Tailings dam enlargement.


Since 2012 OHLA has built important mining infrastructures, the biggest of which was the construction of the elevation of Phase VI-B of the tailings dam and polishing pond dam.
Chuspiri Dam.
Las Bambas project. Package 6.


OHLA also constructed significant mining infrastructure involving water dams such as the loose material dam with a central clay core at Chuspiri, and the Quinua leaching PAD at the Yanacocha mine. In addition, the contracts signed for Overseas Bechtel Incorporated (currently Minera Las Bambas) include massive earthworks for the concentrator plant building two phases (packages 6 and 9) of the Las Bambas project.


We have major civil works associated with mining such as tailings dams, including the Calama dam, the Talabre tailings dam of Codelco and the peralting and construction of walls of the tailings deposit of Minera Spence. We also have extensive experience in earthworks, such as those carried out at the El Teniente mine.
Works for Minera Spence.
Chacrillas dam.
Tranque Talabre expansion.


OHLA will build for the Spence tailings deposit in the Antofagasta Region. This project is part of the new expansion phase of the deposit owned by BHP, one of the world's largest mining firms.
In Chile, OHLA is involved in the construction of a copper treatment plant and the maintenance of the roasting complex, both for the Ministro Hales Division; as well as the expansion project of Tranque Talabre; a tailings dam located in Calama; the project awarded in the world's largest underground copper deposit, the El Teniente mine; the crushing and transport of rhyolite in the Minera Escondida plant, the world's largest copper mine by production, and massive hydraulic works such as the Chacrillas dam.