G&O carried out outstanding work on the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train (Turkey).

OHLA is a benchmark in the rail industry. For more than seven decades, the company has been carrying out major infrastructure projects in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The G&O and EyM subsidiaries, which are celebrating their 75th anniversaries this year, have been involved in many of these contracts.

G&O focuses on railway infrastructure and superstructure work, while EyM specializes in electrification and signaling for conventional, high-speed, metro and light rail lines. Both focus on railway services, being a reference in railway maintenance for both Iberian and international gauge lines.

Major global projects

Both subsidiaries have completed numerous projects in various regions. In the area of high-speed rail, G&O is participating in the first turnout renovation of a high-speed rail line in Spain, specifically the Madrid-Seville high-speed line. In addition to this project, the company also worked on the Madrid-Segovia-Valladolid High-Speed Rail Line, the new rail link to the north and northwest of Spain, and on the Girona-Figueras section of the Madrid-Barcelona-French Border High-Speed Rail Line. Also in Spain, it undertook the implementation of the railway infrastructure at the Huelva station.

G&O has undertaken the implementation of the railway infrastructure in Estación de Huelva (Spain).

In Colombia, G&O completed the infrastructure, track superstructure, and electrification of a double-track section of the Medellín Tramway, the first modern tram system in Latin America.

And in Turkey, the OHLA subsidiary carried out outstanding projects for the high-speed train between Ankara and Eskisehir.

Medellín Tramway (Colombia), Latin America's first modern tramway.

It should be noted that EyM has participated in the largest project of the Spanish industry outside our country, the Mecca-Medina AVE, where it has built and maintained 25% of the railway electrification.

In Latin America, it is worth mentioning the work carried out by EyM on Line 3 of the Guadalajara Light Railway in Mexico, where 40 kilometers of track have been electrified.

Guadalajara Light Railway (Mexico) infrastructure in which EyM participated.
Mecca-Medina High Speed Railway (Arabia) in which EyM electrified 40 km of track.

Other projects