19.10.14 Sergio Saez_OHL Peru (3)

Saéz Castillo

is a Civil Engineer and works at OHL’s Technical Office in Peru.

If last year someone had said that I would be celebrating my 29th birthday in the Andes, in Peru, I wouldn’t have believed them. Nor could I have imagined that I would be a regular user of “mototaxis” or “combis”, or that I would be visiting Machu Pichu. Ever since I joined the Young Talent international program, launched by OHL since 2016, my life has been turned around. Born in Nájera, in La Rioja (Spain), I belong to the team that has been constructing the Mina Quellaveco by-pass, with an altitude of 4,000 meters, for six months now.

"Ever since I joined the Young Talent international program, my life has been turned around"

Thanks to this experience, I am making optimum use of my technical knowledge in civil engineering matters, applied to the building of roads. However, what is more important is that this is also serving as a life lesson: I am now more humble, thanks to my colleagues, great professionals in the sector. To leave my comfort zone, to work hard in harsh weather conditions, and to miss my family and friends… it is all difficult, but my colleagues’ warm welcome and professionalism are making this experience worthwhile.”