We promote sustainable mobility in cities

The Purple Line light rail in Maryland (USA), bus rapid transit systems in Peru and Colombia, more than 200 high-speed rail projects in Spain or the Lund Arlöv railway line in Sweden… Our sustainable mobility projects help us reduce our carbon footprint and make life healthier for millions of people. Take a look at a sample of our work.


Purple Line, Maryland

Light rail system with 26.1 km of track and 21 stations. The project will also transform the Washington D.C. region’s transportation network by adding a light rail service to the interconnected transit system. It is estimated that it will prevent the displacement of 17,000 vehicles per day, thus reducing carbon emissions.

South Corridor Bus Rapid Transit, Florida

We are working to convert the South Corridor (South Dade Transitway) to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). It will improve travel times for users, create a dedicated lane, install a prepaid system to speed up access and improve road safety.

New York City Subway

The company has left its mark on the Big Apple subway and its main lines. It is currently executing, among others, three projects that will improve the accessibility, structural integrity and design of several subway stations in the Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn.

Elmont Station, the first Long Island station to take place in nearly 50 years.


Bus rapid transit systems in Peru and Colombia

OHLA is participating in the northern extension of the Metropolitano in Peru, which will improve the mobility and quality of life of more than 350,000 people. In Colombia, it is carrying out the project to adapt the Troncal Avenida Ciudad de Cali to the Transmilenio system, which will benefit more than 100,000 people.

Ciudad de Cali Avenue, BIM Excellence Award in Colombia.

Railway projects in Mexico

double cantilever viaduct on section 3, both belonging to the Mexico-Toluca intercity train; Line 3 of the Guadalajara Light Railway; and section A of the extension of the Lechería suburban train to the new Felipe Ángeles International Airport in Mexico City. All of them will contribute to improve connectivity and sustainable transportation in Mexico City.

Guadalajara Light Rail Line 3, Mexico

Chile Metro

OHLA has undertaken the construction of several sections for the Santiago Metro on Lines 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7, including the Plaza Egaña and Dorsal stations, in addition to the construction of the Valparaíso-Viña del Mar Metro. In total, there are about 21 km of tunnels.

Panama Metro

The extension of Metro Line 1 from the capital to Villa Zaita includes the construction of a terminal station with a maximum capacity of 10,000 passengers at peak hour. The project stands out for the implementation of the BIM methodology in all phases of the work.


30 years developing high-speed train projects

The company has 30 years of experience and nearly 200 projects in Spanish High Speed Railway, such as the north-northwest corridor of the Madrid-Galicia High Speed Line (Espiño tunnel section, left track) or the platform of the Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastián High Speed Line (Antzuola-Ezquio/Itxaso East section).

Espiño Tunnel. Spain.

EPC Ski, Norway

OHLA has executed this railway project as part of the Follo Line, Norway’s most important transport initiative. Nearly 100,000 passengers benefit from this infrastructure, which includes actions with a high sustainable value and improves connections to Oslo.

Lund-Arlöv railway line, Sweden

The project includes the construction of 8 km of line with four tracks and 5 km of two temporary tracks parallel to the existing route. It is a pioneering example of the use of BIM, geographic information systems (GIS) and drones and will benefit 80,000 passengers per day.

Railway corridors in the Czech Republic

OHLA participates in and has executed such important contracts as the optimization of railway track between the cities of Plzeň and Stříbro, the modernization of the Tábor-Sudoměřice railway line and the reconstruction of the Vsetín railroad station.

Pan-European Corridor N 5. Trebovice. Czech Republic

Other projects