OHL invites its employees to be part of the Strengthening School promoted by the Fundación Integra. OHL has participated since 2015 through more than 40 workshops in which fifty OHL volunteers, from different professional backgrounds, have guided more than 200 people belonging to social groups at risk of social exclusion in their search for employment. In this edition and due to the social circumstances caused by Covid-19, the workshops will take place online, on a platform that the Fundación Integra has enabled so that volunteers and beneficiaries of the program can come together.

The Strengthening School is a comprehensive program of training and personal empowerment that allows its beneficiaries to rediscover their capabilities and skills and channel them towards finding employment. CV writing, job interview simulation, training in legal matters and economic management are some of the activities included in this program, which also includes the design of a personalized training itinerary, labor mediation and follow-ups.

All those OHL employees who wish to participate in this initiative should contact Judith Iglesias at rsc@ohl.es or on 913484982. The signing-up for the mentoring team ends on September 30th. 

Nearly two decades of collaboration with the Fundación Integra

OHL has collaborated with the Fundación Integra since 2002 and has been a member of its board since then. Throughout this time, our company has supported various initiatives promoted by this organization and has implemented a specific plan for the employability of social groups with disabilities or at risk of exclusion. The main beneficiaries are victims of gender violence; people with disabilities; female victims of prostitution; ex-prisoners; victims of drugs; people over 45 and 60 and people of gypsy origin.