It will supply drinking water to more than 800,000 citizens in the Colombian municipalities of Cúcuta, Los Patios and Villa del Rosario

Inauguration of the Cucuta aqueduct in Colombia

OHLA consolidates and reinforces its commitment to the development of sustainable infrastructure with a positive impact on people and the environment with the inauguration of the Cúcuta aqueduct, designed and built by the company to supply drinking water to more than 800,000 inhabitants of the municipalities of Cúcuta, Los Patios and Villa del Rosario.

The project, at the request of Ecopetrol, reflects OHLA’s intention to address challenges with a high sustainability component, allowing the proper use of natural resources and the development of the local economy through the generation of nearly 900 jobs during the construction phase, 77% of which corresponded to local labor from the municipalities that will benefit from the infrastructure.

Among the actions contemplated in this initiative, the execution of a structure capable of capturing a flow of 2.95 m3/s of water, carried by gravity along a length of 583 meters in pipeline to the pumping station, from where it will drive a flow of 1.95 m3/s of water over a length of 16,958 meters to the El Pórtico treatment plant, offering an uninterrupted drinking water service, every day of the year.

Major infrastructure in Colombia

OHLA has more than 15 years of experience in Colombia, where it has developed major infrastructures such as the Medellín Tramway, the El Quimbo hydroelectric power plant, the Cali airport, the Ecocemento cement plant, the construction of the Quindío section to complete the Central Mountain Range Crossing and the construction of the Cúcuta Metropolitan Aqueduct.

The company is currently working on important contracts such as the adaptation to the Transmilenio system of the Troncal Avenida Ciudad de Cali Tramo1 in Bogotá D.C., the construction -also in Bogotá- of Avenida El Rincón and its intersection with Avenida Boyacá and the Museo de la Memoria, as well as the construction of the Viaduct at km 58 of the road to Villavicencio.