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Américo Vespucio Oriente I Highway (AVO I). Chile

Américo Vespucio Oriente, one of the largest road infrastructure projects in Chile, is an example of sustainability and innovation. This highway, with a 9.1 km route, runs through five of the main districts of Santiago de Chile, saving more than 40 minutes from one point to another in the eastern part of Santiago. In its execution, many technical milestones have been achieved and a complete package of environmental measures have been implemented. 

Major milestones

1 viaduct

1.5 km long built over 2 operating highways

0 km
tunnel under the Mapocho River and Cerro San Cristóbal

5.5 km

double tunnels, one superimposed on top of the other

0 m 2
of landscaping + compensatory environmental measures

2.3 millon

kg recycled steel

+ 0
people in shifts 24/7

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