Miguel Ángel Martín, manager of the Lagares WWTP joint venture, with the Segovia Aqueduct Award for Public Works and the Environment.

The Vigo Sanitation action, integrated in the Lagares WWTP and in whose construction OHL participated, received the Segovia Aqueduct Award for Public Works and the Environment, granted by the Roads Foundation and the Association of Civil Engineers, in the ninth edition of these awards.

This recognition, which is national in nature and has been granted every four years since its foundation in 1998, highlights the positive impact of the infrastructure, as it has solved the environmental problems of the area in which the old treatment plant, which has been in operation since 1997, had been previously operated.

The new Lagares WWTP, designed entirely by OHL and GS Inima technicians, is a pioneer in incorporating a thermal hydrolysis system for the sludge, which increases the performance of biogas energy recovery. Furthermore, its design makes it the largest plant in Spain for biological treatment with biofiltration technology and one of the largest in Europe.