OHL has been awarded two new projects in Chile for close to 80 million euros. The company will build an 86 MW photovoltaic solar plant in the Atacama Region and a 50 MW wind farm in Region VI.

The award of the photovoltaic solar plant amounts to 70 million euros and was granted by Clean Capital Energy, an investment company in photovoltaic solar projects based in Austria, which operates in five European countries with an installed power of over 800 MW, and with projects in development in various countries of over 1.6 GW. Clean Capital Energy once again demonstrates its confidence in OHL, after having awarded it the construction of the La Huella photovoltaic solar plant, also in Chile, in 2019, with a price tag of 70 million euros.

The scope of the contract covers the complete EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) of the facility, including engineering, construction, supply of all major equipment, as well as subsequent operation and maintenance. OHL will also be responsible for the work related to its electrical interconnection with the Transmission Grid and the Chilean National Electrical System.

The second contract awarded has a price tag of 10 million euros and consists of the construction of a wind farm in Region VI of Chile, awarded by the Spanish company opdenergy, one of the leading Spanish companies in the renewable energy sector. The agreement provides that OHL will also perform the balance of plant (BOP) of the facility, so that in addition to the construction of the wind farm, OHL will be responsible for its engineering, commissioning and electrical interconnection with the National Electricity System of Chile.