Nearly 21 km in length and a total of 18 stations are the main features of Guadalajara (Mexico) Light Railway Line 3, inaugurated last September 12 and in whose construction OHL has participated. In particular, the company has been responsible for, among other works, the installation of the tracks and catenary system, as well as various electromechanical systems, along an itinerary that connects the urban areas of Zapopan, Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque. In addition, OHL has carried out the construction of the section known as Viaduct 2, which is 7 km long and includes six elevated stations of approximately 100 m in length each and weighs 112 t per structure.

The layout of the infrastructure comprises 16 km of viaducts, 5 km of tunnels and 18 stations – 13 above ground and 5 below ground – along this route. The scope of the project also includes the construction of a workshop and garage area, as well as two electrical substations. It should be noted that OHL has carried out the installation of approximately 44 km of tracks with direct fastening on concrete, including 45 track devices of different types, as well as the installation of 32 km of flexible copper catenary and 10 km of rigid catenary.

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