OHL will participate through a joint venture in the construction of the Puerto del Rosario-La Caldereta Road project (Fuerteventura). Branches FV-1, FV-2 and FV-3, for an award amount exceeding €92 million.

The initiative, awarded by the Department of Public Works of the Canary Islands Government, involves the extension of the highway from the municipality of Corralejo linking it with the capital of the island, Puerto del Rosario, and the airport, in Fuerteventura.

This is the fourth of the six sections that make up Fuerteventura’s north-south corridor, and it includes the construction of a 17-kilometer-long divided highway, 4.8 kilometers of which will be used to widen the current Puerto del Rosario ring road.

The new infrastructure will have independent roadways, two 3.5-meter-wide lanes, outer and inner hard shoulders of 2.5 and 1 meter respectively, as well as an 18-meter-wide median strip between white stripes to enable future extensions. It also includes five junctions -La Caldereta, Guisguey, Puerto del Rosario North, Playa Blanca and the airport-.

The construction of this section is in addition to three other projects also carried out by OHL and the joint venture in which Cororasa is involved. Integrated in the north-south road axis, these are the Costa Calma-Pecenescal section, with 14 km in length, Corralejo-La Caldereta, with 18 km, and Pecenescal-Valluelo.