OHL sums up new contracts in Chile and Spain. The company has been awarded, at the request of Empresa de Transporte de Pasajeros Metro S.A., a new section of the expansion of Line 3 of the Santiago de Chile subway, for an amount exceeding 32 million euro. The initiative is in addition to other actions previously carried out on the same subway line.

The project, which is part of the expansion plan of the subway network to improve urban transport in the city, includes, among other works, the construction of shafts and galleries, tunnels and stations over an area of more than 700 meters.

More than 100 million euros in building and civil projects

Building projects in Barcelona

OHL has achieved several building projects for an amount exceeding 70 million euro in Barcelona. This is the execution of the facilities within the framework of the project to expand and reform the hospital in Viladecans, at the request of the Generalitat de Catalunya; and the construction of several buildings for administrative and hotel use, in the 22@ Innovation district and carried out by private initiative. It is anticipated that all of them will achieve LEED certification.

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