OHL has been awarded the construction of the new sewage outlet tunnel and the linked collectors to the future Sinova WWTP, within the framework of Soria SanitationWWTP and Sewage Outlets, promoted by Waters of the Spanish Basins (ACUAES, by its Spanish acronym), of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge. The initiative has been awarded a sum of more than €32 million.

The scope of the project includes as the part of the works, the execution of the sewage outlet tunnel from the mouth of the Golmayo River to the location of the future Sinova WWTP, with a length of approximately 4,950 m. In addition to this infrastructure, the inlet collectors will be built from the current treatment plant located in the La Rumbla area, with the new WWTP. These collectors will take in the spills from Soria city and will transport them to the new facility through a 5 km tunnel. The Los Rábanos municipal collector will also be connected to the sewage outlet tunnel by means of a well collector, so that the municipality’s waste water will also be treated in the new plant.

The construction of these sewage outlets will make it possible to solve the deficiencies in the area of water treatment that currently exist in Soria and Los Rábanos. In this way, the water treatment targets required by Directive 91/271/EEC will be met, especially in terms of the removal of nutrients, which is a mandatory process, as this is an area declared as sensitive. On the other hand, the new treatment plant is designed to treat waste water for a population equivalent to 135,000 (equivalent to 180,000 e-p in the future), with a peak treatment flow of 48,000 m3/day. Its construction is pending a tender.