OHL adheres to the “International Day of the Elimination of Violence against Women”, on November 25th, by collaborating in raising social awareness of the elimination of violence against women.

Specifically, OHL Servicios-Ingesan through its subsidiary OHL Servicios-Ingesan, a reference in facilities management, has given its support to the initiative of the Spanish Ministry for Equality which, through the slogan “We want to be alive”, has set as its objective to make visible all kind of chauvinist violence and their victims.

OHL sums nearly two decades supporting the labor integration of groups at risk of social exclusion, mainly through OHL Servicios-Ingesan. This commitment is reflected in its collaboration with social entities such as the Spanish Red Cross and Fundación Adecco, as well as the Public Employment Service. Working together with them, OHL, through OHL Servicios-Ingesan, has carried out over 230 contracts for female victims of gender violence. Furthermore, since 2013, it is a member of the “Companies for a Society Free from Gender-based Violence” network , in which it took a further step by joining the network of the Region of Murcia, in 2019.