OHL continues to win new projects and build on its strong reputation in the USA. The global infrastructure group, via its subsidiary company, OHL USA, Inc. has recently won two contracts in California for a total of 51 million euros (58 million dollars). The projects are located in Los Angeles and San Bernardino, and were awarded by Caltrans (California Department of Transportation).

OHL USA will construct 15 miles of new concrete barrier rail, for 30,8 million euros (34.5 million dollars) on State Highway in Los Angeles city and County from Pilgrimage overcrossing to Valley Circle Boulevard overcrossing.

The construction of this section of the State Highway is on Route 101, one of the busiest highways in United States. The primary objective of the project is to replace the existing outdated barrier with this new rail.

Additionally, in San Bernardino County, OHL USA will work on replacing existing concrete pavement for the truck lanes, to keep traffic flowing on the Interstate 15, in San Bernardino County, Fontana, and near Devore from 0.3-mile South of Sierra Avenue undercrossing to Glen Helen parkway undercrossing.

The project is valued at 21.1 million euros (23.6 million dollars). Considering the importance of the interstate as a key traffic flow in the County, some of the work will be completed during 55-hour lane closures and some will be done only with night closures.

As part of OHL´s commitment to sustainable construction and its experience in executing projects under global standards, the replacement of this eight-lane highway will be done with several different materials and traffic closures. These areas will be replaced with precast panels, rapid set concrete, and standard concrete.