OHLA, a new brand for a global infrastructure group ready to return to profitability

July 6th 2021.

New stage. OHLA is synonymous with progress, openness, welcoming a new stage of great challenges.

Purpose. To contribute to progress with infrastructures that have a positive impact on society.

Roadmap to decarbonization. The business lines will intensify their commitment to the circular economy, the use of green energies and the choice of materials with a smaller environmental footprint.

Balance sheet strength. The new company is born with a strengthened balance sheet structure after successfully completing its refinancing and recapitalization.

OHLA is born, a new brand for a global infrastructure group ready to return to the path of profitability through the promotion of infrastructures that have a positive impact on society.

After 22 years with the OHL brand, the transformation undergone by the company is reflected in a new, more modern and flexible visual identity in connection with sustainability and growth. Therefore, “OHLA, which shows the legacy of 110 years of history, is also synonymous with advancement, progress, openness and, above all, welcoming a new stage,” according to its president, Luis Amodio.

For his part, José Antonio Fernández Gallar, CEO of the company, emphasizes that the company is prepared to address the changing trends towards which society is evolving. “We are aware of this reality and we are going to develop infrastructures that will drive sustained growth and in which public-private partnership models will play an important role.”

Progress Enablers, as a value proposition

OHLA presents itself with the value proposition Progress Enablers. In this way, it highlights:

– Its contribution to progress through the development of infrastructures that improve the life of citizens.

– The great technical capacity of its human team enabling innovative solutions that give rise to cutting-edge infrastructures.

Strategic pillars

The new company, which is born with a strengthened balance sheet, has the following strategic pillars:

– The leadership and talent of more than 20,000 employees who are part of a global group with more than 110 years of history.

– The incorporation of innovation and digitalization into its construction processes, resulting in resilient, long-lasting infrastructures with less environmental impact.

– The commitment of the stakeholders, with whom we will face new challenges and,

– commitment to transparency, ethics, good governance and sustainability as the driving forces behind its growth.

Financial and non-financial aspects are thus integrated to ensure the creation of long-term value for all stakeholders.

Business lines

OHLA, with a total portfolio of more than $6.1 billion, will continue to have its strategic markets in Europe, the USA and Latin America, where it will develop projects through its lines of activity:

Construction. This year it will reach a contracting volume of more than $3.6 billion, mainly due to new contracts in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

Concessions. The company’s catalyst for the future, it will focus on the hospital and road sectors in Latin America, and will analyze assets in Europe and USA. The objective is to generate construction contracts with better-than-average margins, minimizing capital contributions and with a future asset rotation policy.

Industrial. It will strengthen its renewable energy business, as a builder and manager, and will incorporate green hydrogen storage and production technology as part of its commitment to the fight against climate change, for carbon neutrality and the circular economy. It will also face new challenges in the mining and cement and fire protection sectors.

Services. Its growth will be boosted through the use of disruptive and innovative technological solutions that will be a key factor for the development of the business and its impact on society.

Developments. It will focus on the construction and rehabilitation of residential assets, with stable demand, where, thanks to its accumulated experience, it will provide added value from the point of view of heritage recovery and the application of outstanding sustainability standards.

New challenges

OHLA marks the beginning of a new phase in which the company will face great challenges. And it will do so with a strengthened balance sheet structure after successfully completing its recent refinancing and recapitalization operation..

This transaction has reduced its leverage in about $130 million and boosted its equity by nearly $220 million. All this will enable OHLA to strengthen its position as a major global infrastructure manager in Europe, Latin America and the United States.

Mr. Luis Amodio, President and Mr. José Antonio Fernández Gallar, CEO
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