OHLA has added new contracts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for more than 125 million euros

OHLA will participate, as part of a Joint Venture, in extension works of the Great Urban Ringroad of Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic in terms of population and surface area, further to an award amounting to 89.8 million euros, granted by the State Directorate of Roads and Highways (Ředitelství silnic a dálnic ČR).


This contract covers the “I/42 Brno VMO Tomkovo náměstí” and “I/42 Brno VMO Rokytova” works, which envisage a continuation of the main road from the Husovice tunnel up to the Maloměřice train station, the building of two overpasses in the Tomkovo square, and various grade crossings. Furthermore, these tasks include connecting Provazníková and Rokytova streets, diverting traffic in the Husovice tunnel to Vinohrady and Líšeň residential areas, in order to reduce the current level of congestion.


New contracts in Slovakia

In turn, the company has included new awards in Slovakia appraised at 35.2 million euros, all of which cover improvement works in the Žilina-Teplička railway section, connecting the northeast to the Czech Republic. The refurbishment of Žilina station is included as well as other adjoining buildings and various tasks mainly related to railway superstructures and substructures, platforms and bridges.

OHLA began its activity in the Czech Republic in 2003. Since then, it has launched various projects related to civil engineering and unique buildings and hospitals. In turn, it began operating in Slovakia in 2005 with works such as construction of the Hubová-Ivachnová section along the D1 highway, amongst other notable projects.

Construction of the Kralovo Pole tunnels, one of the most emblematic projects carried out by OHLA in Brno, Czech Republic.