Santiago de Chile subway depots. Chile

OHLA is awarded a new subway project in Chile for nearly 75 million euros

OHLA has been awarded a new section of the construction project of Line 7 of the Santiago de Chile (Chile) subway for an amount close to 75 million euros. The initiative corresponds to section 4 and is in addition to other actions previously carried out by the company on other suburban lines. It includes, among other works, the construction of three construction shafts and a station shaft, all with their respective access galleries, as well as the construction of 240 meters of station tunnel and the execution of 3,400 meters of intersection tunnels.

Prior to these works, the company has participated in various construction projects in the Santiago Metro. It is worth mentioning the civil works of shafts, galleries and tunnels, both stations and inter-stations, in sections 5 and 6 of Line 3, with a combined length of 6 kilometers.