This is a highly complex project that unifies the different services of the SML in a single building and will benefit a population of nearly 7 million inhabitants.

OHLA completes a major construction milestone in the Forensic Medical Service project in Chile

OHLA has completed an important milestone in the construction project of the new Forensic Medical Service (SML) in Santiago de Chile (Chile) with the installation of the last isolator of the seismic isolation system, which consists of 47 sliders and 138 isolators (185 units in total), and protects the infrastructure in case of earthquakes.

The initiative contemplates the construction of six buildings with a basement and six upper levels, with an approximate constructed area of 24,700 m2. It includes a Thanatology building, the Carlos Ybar Research Institute, two laboratory buildings, a clinical building and an administrative building connected to each other by walkways, plus the service areas necessary for its operation.

This is a highly complex project that unifies the different services of the Forensic Medical Service, which until now operated separately, in a single complex. The works also include the incorporation of state-of-the-art equipment and the remodeling of the existing gymnasium.

The new facilities will allow the more than 600 employees working at the SML to more efficiently perform more than 100,000 medico-legal procedures per year, which are essential for the proper functioning of the justice system, in first-class facilities. These services will benefit a population of approximately seven million inhabitants.