The division, with more than 500 contracts and 12,000 employees, will be able to offer this virtual social center to more than 6,000 users in Spain, Mexico and Chile.

OHLA launches VERA, a digital healthcare services platform, and strengthens its Services business line

– Virtual social center. VERA offers the elderly a virtual social center thanks to the application of an advanced digitalization model.

– Active and connected users. The challenge of the digital platform is to keep users active and meet all their needs by eliminating physical and distance barriers.

– New service model for people. VERA has been recognized as a social innovation project for a new service delivery model focused on people.

The OHLA Group reinforces its growth strategy and its commitment to the digital transformation of its Services division. Ingesan, the leading subsidiary of this line of business, which has a portfolio of more than 500 contracts and a workforce of more than 12,000 people, has presented VERA, a virtual social center for its social and healthcare activities.

With more than ten years of experience in the social and healthcare sector, Ingesan will be able to offer this virtual social center in Spain, Mexico and Chile to more than 6,000 users. The company frames this project as part of the development of new digital healthcare services based on its commitment to innovation and digital transformation.

VERA has been developed ad hoc by Ingesan and is industrial property of the company (registered with blockchain). Its design and development project is carried out under the highest safety and quality standards, and is part of the company’s R&D&I management system certified under UNE 166002-2014: research, development and innovation in social and health care.


Digital transformation at the service of people

The objective of the VERA digital platform is to bring the activity of any traditional social center to the users’ homes thanks to technology. Thus, physical and distance barriers that impede travel are eliminated and a complete range of services is made available to all users: from providing psychological care and social workers to facilitating the individual and collective integration of the elderly or promoting their maximum degree of autonomy.

Thus, thanks to this virtual platform, a quality, comprehensive and individualized service is provided to users in their own family environment, while personal interrelationships are promoted through the creation of virtual groups.

VERA’s challenge is to keep the elderly active and connected with society as a whole and to attend to all their needs, enabling their interrelation and preventing their possible physical and cognitive deterioration through a wide range of services: virtual day center, lifestyle monitoring, falls sensor, communication system with family and friends or recreational activities, among others.



The design, conception and development of VERA has been awarded and selected in the 2022 edition of Tecnosocial as a social innovation project for a new model of service delivery focused on people. Tecnosocial is a forum for analysis and dissemination of research and technological innovation in social services and was held from March 28 to 30 in Malaga.

For its part, the progress made in digital transformation by Ingesan has enabled it to obtain the award from Forética, a leading business organization in the field of sustainability in Spain, within the framework of the JOBS 2030-Futuro del Trabajo (Future of Work) project. It is an initiative aimed at supporting and making visible the business action towards more sustainable and ethical work, deepening in the most relevant elements to achieve a fairer transition in the adaptation and development of digitalization.

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