OHL was once again one of the companies taking part in the 5th edition of the Road Engineering Week in Madrid, a biennial event which, from 1 to 6 October and under the slogan “Let’s innovate to move forward”, brought together more than 30,000 people, including visitors and participants in the various programmed activities, some of the innovations applied in the construction of transport infrastructures and singular buildings.

Innovation Tunnel

Among the events held and in which OHL has played a leading role the Innovation Tunnel stands out, located in the Plaza del Callao and where the company has shown two initiatives: the monitoring of infrastructures and high-rise buildings carried out in Torrespacio and a virtual 360º visit to Caleido, known as the fifth Tower, both located in the Cuatro Torres Business Area, north of the city.


OHL gave a workshop at the Innovation Tunnel aimed at high school students, which revolved around the elements that make up road pavements, their manufacturing process and innovative methods for the use of industrial by-products in their preparation, which result in a circular economy.

Visit to Centro Canalejas Madrid

The company opened the doors of Centro Canalejas Madrid to some twenty visitors who, over a period of more than two hours and through a guided tour by its site manager, David Tornero, were able to visit the different spaces that make up the building and learn about the challenges and constructive innovations as well as the different sustainability criteria incorporated into the project.