OHL maintains a strong commitment to the SDGs and, specifically, we contribute to SDG 7 by promoting the efficient use of energy through various actions. On World Energy Day we will tell you how: 

Mosaico 1

On top. Sunset Office Center. Florida. United States.
Left. Castellana 81 building. Madrid. Spain.
Right. Torrespacio. OHL headquarters. Spain.

Mosaico 4

Sustainability construction

There are 38 unique building projects that, having incorporated sustainability and efficiency criteria in their construction, have a LEED® sustainable certificate and, we have carried out an energy audit during 2020 of the OHL headquarters in Madrid, Torrespacio, and of the fleet of vehicles, which represents 85% of global energy consumption in the offices in Spain.


Electric fleet in projects

We have a vehicle fleet of 50% electric vehicles in the EPC Ski (Follo Line) high-speed railway project, in Norway.

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