"Throughout my life, I know people who demostrate that impossible things can be solved in different and very interesting ways"

Jesús Chaparro Esquivel

Lead Surveyor. Mexico

1. How long have you been a part of the OHL team and what do you think of your time linked to the company?

I have worked for OHL since 2003. At first, I worked as lead surveyor on the construction of the Mexiquense Beltway, for its first stage, a major work with an impressive magnitude that demanded a lot of responsibility but was also a challenge.

I believe that thanks to my work, I have been able to show the value of topography for a company like OHL and the importance that this discipline deserves in all the projects.

2. What is your opinion about your profession?

I would like to tell you that the day to day life of a surveyor is very demanding. The days are usually very long, and it is necessary to be constantly up-to-date in knowledge of my field.

3. What are your highlights in your current position ?

I have tried to be an example of attitude, punctuality, discipline, seriousness, order, personal value, updating, respect and importance that the area of topography needs; and make our people understand that their job is fundamental and essential for the proper development of the different stages of all projects.

4. What added value does your work contribute to the projects in which you have participated?

Throughout my life, I got to know people capable of demonstrating that impossible things can be solved in different and very interesting ways. That is then when added value is generated to provide technical knowledge to each of the projects addressed. For example, programming languages (Autolisp), specific routines to establish technical solutions to problems that arise throughout the project…

5. What is the biggest challenge you have assumed in the time you have been with OHL?

From the responsibility, to assert and understand that the Topography area is one of the fundamental parts of the projects; and establish the importance that this discipline represents.

6. What have the colleagues with whom you have shared a project contributed to you?

Throughout these 15 years, I have known very valuable people who have shown me a lot of respect, knowledge and, above all, enough confidence to understand that jobs, however impossible they may seem, can be carried out by teams in a simpler way.

7. At work, everything is a question of attitude, aptitude or a combination of both. Why?

I consider it a combination of both. When you are passionate about your work, you cannot talk separate them and still be able to undertake the projects.

8. Are you aware of the impact of your work on society? In what terms do you see it?

Since my time at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, we have had a deep commitment to society, which we should not, at any time, put aside, much less forget.

It will always be important to maintain that commitment and my work in this regard will continue to acquire knowledge to offer the best that I can give. This knowledge should always be reflected in our society making our personal values shine through our attitude.

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