"The motivation that binds us at G&O makes the projects much more our own."

Victoria Sahuquillo Carrasco

Economic and Administrative Manager at G&O

1. If you had to define G&O, what would you say about it?
Railways by far. We are the rail specialists in our Group, and we are also experts in gas pipelines.

2. What memories do you have about your early days in the company?
I came back from OHLA’s offices in Australia six years ago when I was offered my current position. Changing sector, client and type of work… meant a very interesting challenge in my professional career and the possibility of being part of the G&O team.

3. How have you seen the evolution of the company during all this time, your participation in large projects and the achievement of important successes?
The evolution of the company, like so many companies, has gone through different phases. From what I have seen and from what I have been told, its beginnings were humble, with little machinery and a lot of illusion, and nowadays it has more than twenty heavy track machines.

4. Is there any project or performance that you are particularly proud of? Why?
I feel proud of each and every project we´ve participated because we are a team that gives the best of us. And we know the dedication involved. But there is a project that we have recently accomplished and it is the achievement of the Guinovart Rail operator that, after the liberation of the rail transport market, we should not miss the opportunity to operate in the Spanish territory. It constitutes an additional point to the progress and modernization of the company.

5. For those new generations of professionals who see G&O as a company in which to develop their career, what would you tell them?
Agrupacion Guinovart Obras y Servicios Hispania is a company with a great projection in the market. Our investments in machinery and the training of specialized personnel on the track make us very relevant and we are a reference in the sector. On the other hand, we are involved in the construction of hydrogen pipelines in Spain.

6. With the perspective of the years linked to G&O and within the framework of celebrating the company’s 75th anniversary, share with us a message of optimism about what the company represents in the sector it belongs to and regarding the future you wish for it.
The motivation that binds us makes the projects much more our own.

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