"I am proud to be able to contribute to building a better society through the development of infrastructures"

Simón valbuena

Trainee Engineer
Current project: San Patricio consortium (Colombia)

Our talents continue to share their vision of the company and their experience in the teams in which they are having the opportunity to develop their capabilities and business vision. Simón Valbuena tells us what it’s like to work in a global company like OHLA.

1.- What does the opportunity OHLA has given you represent for you?

It’s a great opportunity for learning and personal growth.

2.- What do you expect to learn?

I hope to learn from the professionals who work at OHLA. I know they are very capable people who have a lot to offer in a sector that is as passionate and constantly evolving as construction.

3.- What do you expect to contribute?

I hope to contribute my enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment to doing a good job. I also hope to contribute my knowledge and skills to help achieve goals.

4.- What are your impressions about the daily work with your team?

In general, I have very good impressions of the work and the day-to-day teamwork. I feel very welcome and supported by my colleagues. I like that the work is very dynamic and challenging. I also like that there is an atmosphere of collaboration and respect. I believe that teamwork is essential for the success of OHLA.

5.- What would you highlight from the work you have done so far?

I would highlight the opportunity to work on projects that have a positive impact on society. I feel proud to be able to contribute to building a better country.

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