"I have seen how the team complements each other and overcomes challenges."

Felipe González

Trainee Engineer
Current project: Metro Line 7. Chile

Our talents continue to share their vision of the company and their experience in the teams in which they are having the opportunity to develop their capabilities and business vision. Felipe González tells us what it’s like to work in a global company like OHLA.

1.- What does the OHLA opportunity mean to you?

It is the opportunity to work in a consolidated company in Chile, with projects that have national relevance with the possibility of making a difference in the community.

2.- What do you hope to learn?

I would like to acquire tools that will help me develop as a professional, as well as the ability to work in a team on large projects. 

3.- What do you hope to contribute?

A professional who can face challenges in construction sites.

4.- What are your impressions of the day-to-day work in a team?

I have a good impression of how the team work complements each other and overcomes the challenges and problems that arise.

5.- What would you highlight about your day-to-day life?

The good working environment and the relationships that are formed with co-workers.

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