Ist OHLA Olympiad for Inclusion

cabecera_olimpiada_MOSAICO ING

Nearly 250 people participate in the first edition

The 1st OHLA Olympiad for Inclusion, held simultaneously in Madrid, Barcelona and Seville in collaboration with Fundación Addeco, was a great success thanks to the almost 250 participants who joined us.

Our employees and their families joined this day, which aims to make equality between groups with different abilities visible through the practice of inclusive sports such as sitting volleyball, wheelchair basketball, boccia, adapted curling and soccer for blind people.

The social and labor inclusion of vulnerable groups is one of OHLA’s priority lines of action and is materialized in the implementation of various awareness and corporate volunteering actions, as well as in the promotion of direct employment. To this end, OHLA collaborates in Spain with various entities such as Fundación Integra, Fundación Adecco, Fundación Randstad and Fundación Síndrome de Down Madrid.

As part of this commitment to integration, Ingesan, the leading subsidiary of OHLA’s Services activity, has been recognized in 2021 by the Integra Foundation as a socially committed company, having carried out, in collaboration with various social entities, more than 700 hirings that have benefited people belonging to various vulnerable groups.