VERA's objective is to improve the physical and emotional health of the elderly by facilitating their inclusion and participation in social life through the use of new technologies

Ingesan reaches an agreement with the University of Zaragoza to improve the usability of VERA and implements a pilot project for its use in Teruel

Ingesan, the leading subsidiary of the OHLA Group's Services activity, has signed a research project with the University of Zaragoza to improve the usability of VERA, its innovative home-based solution for the provision of digital care services designed to improve the quality of life and the physical and emotional health of the elderly. It has also reached a collaboration agreement with the Teruel City Council to implement a test version of the platform in the city of Teruel for a period of one year.

Specifically, the research project signed with the University of Zaragoza aims to improve the usability and overall efficiency of VERA to support the provision of digital home care services. Researchers associated with the project will assess various psychosocial indicators, analyze the results and formulate improvements to be implemented in Ingesan’s platform. The aim is to combat loneliness among the elderly and keep them active and connected to the world.

On the other hand, the collaboration with the Teruel City Council consists of the implementation of a test version of VERA. The agreement includes the development of individualized care plans, physical, cognitive and recreational stimulation sessions, as well as a personalized follow-up of the objectives and evolution of the service.

An innovative platform at the service of the elderly

VERA moves the activity of the social center to the users’ homes and offers them a wide variety of services such as psychologists, physiotherapists, recreational activities, communication with family members, etc. All this, with a very fast deployment and a very simple operation, since only a TV and a remote control are needed.

The objective is to meet all the needs of the elderly, keep them active and connected to the world, enable them to socialize with like-minded people, improve their autonomy and prevent their physical and cognitive deterioration. It also aims to help reduce the digital divide and break down the physical and distance barriers that affect many people in society.

The initiative has been awarded in the 2022 edition of the Tecnosocial congress as a social innovation project for a new service delivery model focused on people.