12 July, 2024
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Did you know that our subsidiary G&O is a pioneer in the development of high-speed rail in Spain?

One example is its participation in developing the Madrid-Seville line, inaugurated in 1992 and considered the largest railway project ever undertaken in Spain.

G&O also has extensive experience in infrastructure and superstructure construction, including electrification and signaling work on conventional, metro, and light rail lines.

It global trajectory has led it to carry out:

Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train (Turkey)

Operational since 2009, the project includes the design, financing, and construction of 206 km of double-track high-speed rail between Ankara and Eskisehir.

Medellín Tramway (Colombia)

The construction and commissioning of the Medellin Tramway, with a length of 4.3 km and a gradient of up to 12.5%; the longest in the world.

And in Spain, the following stand out:

Railway field

High-speed line of the Atlantic axis. Bypass of Ordes (A Coruña)

Construction of a double-track Iberian gauge bypass. Includes doubling the track of the existing Oroso-Ordes section, construction of the new Ordes station with two viaducts of 315 m each, seven underpasses and two tunnels of 445 and 570 m.

Railway field

Laying of double track. Donosti-Hendaia line. La Fanderia-Oiartzun section (Basque Country)

Duplication of 1,472 m of track on the La Fanderia-Oiartzun section of the Donostia-Hendaia line, and construction of La Fanderia and Oiartzun stations.

Railway field

Construction of assembly base of associated stockpiling areas. Cordoba-Malaga high-speed railway line (Malaga)

Earthworks, drainage, structures, buildings, track superstructure, signal and safety systems, fire protection, lighting and related services for the Antequera station, with a surface area of 232,000 m2 and a length of 2.5 km.

Railway field

Burgos high-speed railway line. North-Northwest Corridor (Burgos)

Construction of the railway superstructure of the Burgos railway bypass

Port field

Road and rail accesses. Outer Isla Verde. Railway terminal (Cadiz)

Construction of road and rail accesses to Isla Verde Exterior and the rail terminal, including direct access to the Algeciras International Container Terminal.


The company has a fleet of machinery for executing both Iberian and international gauge infrastructures. G&O is a leader in public railway maintenance services in both Iberian and UIC gauge lines.

Railway infrastructures

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