"In my early days at G&O I acquired the feeling of being part of a great company, a feeling that has been with me ever since"

Damián Federico Gasca

Economic and Administrative Manager
EyM Instalaciones.

At OHLA we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of G&O and EyM, two of our subsidiaries specialized mainly in railway works. At OHLA, we have had the honor of sharing the same trajectory with them and jointly carrying out the pioneering development of the High Speed in Spain and international projects of great importance and social impact such as the Ankara-Istanbul (Turkey) and Mecca-Medina (Saudi Arabia) High Speed lines or the Medellin tramway (Colombia). With Damián Federico Gasca San Bonifacio we take a look at the history of these two companies and his own professional career linked to them. We will also learn about the current situation of both subsidiaries and their future plans.

1.- What memories do you have of your professional beginnings both in G&O and EyM?

My memories go back to 1988, when, at the age of 22, I joined the current GYO as Accounting Manager, in the construction project of the AVE Getafe-Villaseca section, one of the most emblematic works of the New Railway Access to Andalusia. More than 30 km of platform, track and civil works were built… It was the first AVE section inaugurated by Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain, and the first tests of the Madrid-Seville AVE were carried out there. I have very good memories of this work, not only because it was my first project, but also because I acquired the feeling of being part of a great company, a feeling that has been with me ever since.

2.- How have you seen the evolution of the companies during all this time, their participation in large projects and the achievement of important successes?

My entire professional life has been spent at G&O (1988-2015) and EyM (2015-present). Until practically the year 2000, it could be said that both companies were one. From that year onwards, each of them became even more specialized in their respective sectors and did so separately. Thanks to this, I have had the privilege of being involved in major projects in Spain, both railway – especially linked to the High Speed, also others that have to do with the development of gas pipelines or building projects, but it has been in EyM where I have been fortunate to work, sometimes very directly, in large international projects in Norway, Mexico, Turkey and Arabia, which have made this company one of the largest railway experts.

3.- Is there any project or performance of which you are particularly proud?

In my almost 36 years of experience linked to G&O and EyM, I have had the good fortune to participate, both directly and indirectly, in important projects such as the Monforte-Sarria and Vic-Borgoña railway sections, the splitting of the Magoria tunnel or the electrification works at Atocha station. More than the projects, I am proud of the work teams that were formed and continue to be formed and, by extension, of the people who have worked and are still working in both companies and with whom I had, have and hope to have the good fortune to continue working. With some of them, we have even overcome the work barrier to become a big family and this, for me, says a lot about the quality of the people and professionals that make up these two companies.

4.- For those new generations of professionals who see EyM or G&O as companies in which to develop their careers, what would you say to them?

We look forward to seeing you soon and you have our support and experience so that you can grow both professionally and personally. For this we are working in order to be better every day and thus provide a great future for our companies and OHLA.

5.- With the perspective of the years linked to G&O and EyM, and in the framework of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of both companies, share with us a message of optimism about what the company represents in the sector to which you belong and about the future you wish for it.

I am convinced that we will continue to be part of new major projects led by OHLA or alone, both nationally and internationally. This is the goal and the prize we are pursuing. Day by day we are working very hard to achieve it and with a team of great professionals very committed to the objectives and the new goals set that will continue to strengthen our role as a reference in the sector in which we work.

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